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String ’em up!


It was getting to be situation critical with the tomatoes.  If you’ll recall, when I originally planted them, the cages promptly fell out what with our hurricanes and all, and the tomatoes were left to sag on their own.


And sag they did. And that didn’t look right. And due to the fact that they’re planted in a styrofoam container there was no way to rig up something to it. And since they were on concrete there was no way to stick something beside them. And my engineering skillz ended right there, but the plants still needed support.


Surfing the internets I came across a brilliant sounding idea from Hanna at This Garden Is Illegal and it involved nothing more than a few nails and a piece of twine. I thought there’s no way even I can screw this up, but to be on the safe side I stayed away from power tools and got J to drill some screws in for me, right into the deck strip over the tomato containers.

 Hang tomatoes - screws


Then it was simply a matter of tying up some twine at the base of each tomato plant, and winding it gently around the stem. I did it twice on the longer tomatoes that really needed it. And voila! All of them were gently suspended in a moderately upright position. Now it’s just a matter of monitoring whether this set up will damage the stems at all, since – did I mention our winds? So I’ll let y’all know on how that works for them, but so far so splendid.

 Hang tomatoes - all done


Oh and the cat went absolutely nuts over the whole string thing – he was thrilled throwing himself at the window and breathing furiously, and he never ever gave up! Good boy.


Hang tomatoes - cat