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WTF, Australia?




I came across this story that made me blink and want to stab myself in the eye with a fork.


If it came out of the Onion or something, I’d understand, but it appears to be serious. ??


A company in Australia wants to reduce carbon emissions by KILLING CAMELS. 


Let that sink in for a second, then let me reiterate, some logistical genius wants to SHOOT camels and get paid for it.  In the name of CARBON TAX.  It wants to shoot innocent, goofy camels, no FERAL HERBIVORES from helicopters because they eat and poop, and somewhere in there produce unacceptable amounts of… carbon.


These are the kinds of stories that make me weep, and wish the human race would go extinct, because we are clearly too stupid to function.


Please see the link at the bottom, and if you have a long-distance plan, maybe give NORTHWEST CARBON PTY LTD  a call at  (08) 8362 0056 and share your fervent desire for them to painfully die of a carbon laced sand enema, since clearly growing brain cells was such a failure.


News link



Australia, I’m sure you don’t care, but unless you pull your head out of your ass and re-evaluate this ridiculous and sad atrocity, you shall forever be on my no-travel list. And camels – I’d like to apologize on behalf of our species, but words fail me. There truly is no end to human stupidity. A quick Google search tells me that they’ve done it before – when poor parched camels wreacked havoc on small towns looking for water.  But for carbon tax? Australia, I can’t thank you enough for doing your part for climate change.


Photos of the camel from The Inadvertent Farmer who lived with a camel for many years.