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Pumpkin has a boyfriend




I thought I’d throw out a quick update on the orange kitty we rescued last winter. Last we spoke, he was busily settling into the house, and being a lover not a fighter he was mainly placating all the house cats that didn’t reciprocate his ever loving attentions.  He is the cuddliest cat by nature, and he is now allowing me to pet him, as long as he doesn’t see my hand approach him directly.  He also hisses at the front door if it’s open, and runs away to hide probably hoping that he never has anything to do with the great outdoors ever again.


With Alfie, he ended up making peace and now they are happy to run away from scary noises together.


With Tweak, he has a mutual pact of non-aggression. He tries to be all loving, but she looks at him sideways and walks away.


But it was my big white deaf boy that was the main object of his affections.  He LOVES the big white furball, and follows him around the house worshipfully. And despite the fact that they’re both male, he tries to get frisky with him. And he tries to hold him down and clean him, and groom him, and cuddle up next to him. It’s hilarious and entertaining by turns.  And now I have a big gay orange cat, and poor confused Cheney who has no idea what he’s done to deserve this.


PS – He also has a supremely useful trait. When Cheney locks himself in the bathroom to have a yell (see story), Pumpkin runs to the rescue. Upon hearing his plaintive cries, he headbutts the door and lets Cheney out. It’s very sweet to watch, and incredibly helpful as well.


“I’m gonna hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George…”


9 comments to Pumpkin has a boyfriend

  • Ha ha ha…so cute! He’s adorable. I’m so happy to see that he’s getting along so well; he’s certainly come a long way. He’s obviously learning to trust, slowly but steadily. Just goes to show what a little kindness and love will bring about. Thanks for the update. This post really made my day. Pumpkin is a very special kitty and I’m thrilled that he has found a loving, safe and WARM home. Looks like your big white deaf boy is gentle and patient, and willing to be his BFF 🙂

  • admin

    @Martha – thanks! He HAS indeed come a long way, and is learning to trust, talk, help out, and in general make himself at home. Looking at the brink of winter I am so relieved he is inside, and he is too. And his ‘amorous’ affections have slowed down quite a bit since he was first neutered, perhaps it just took him time to forget the behavior. It was really funny watching him try to get some action and get rejected. But now he just wants to snuggle with someone, anyone. He’s a lover not a fighter.

  • What a cute ‘couple’! I miss not having a cat, but we have our little dog now and she is non-allergenic, I guess my husband deserves a break after suffering through 19 years of allergies…!

    Your bathroom story reminds me of a story that’s been in the news the last few days, I had also caught the researcher interviewed on CBC. It seems rats will forgo food to first help a trapped fellow rat and then share the bounty with the buddy. They are very altruistic it turns out.

  • Jean

    Soooo love this! Thanks for the update and I am thrilled, thrilled things are going well. Yay!

  • admin

    @Jane – awww, I agree that your hubby deserves a break. Dogs are wonderful creatures for sure. All animals are. And I agree on the rats, my mother’s friend had a rat when they were in college, and it was a very curious and bright little animal.

    @Jean – it’s SO cute, both Alfie and Pumpkin come up for cuddles now.

  • The picture of the two of them snoozing is too cute!

  • admin

    @Teena – a bit awkward, but cute. 🙂

  • Amanda

    Thanks for the update! My “Pumpkin” is making progress. I’ve been allowed to pet him a few times and he graces me with his presence pretty often. He is very good with cats and dogs and rabbits, just doesn’t always have any use for people.

  • admin

    Awww! I was wondering how your ‘Pumpkin’ is doing! Thanks for sharing. Some cats are more aloof than others towards us little people, but I find that deep down inside most of them are huge sucks. I’ve never had a cat fail to respond to excitement in my voice – I come in, start saying hello! and they ALL mill around looking for attention. I’m super glad your kitty is starting to let you pet him, it’s all uphill from here!

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