Mission and Desserts


I’ve quite a bit of stuff to blog about, but I could not find my camera to PC cord for a few weeks, and so had zero photos to show for the last while of activity. Just as I was about to order a new cord online, James found it somewhere in the basement where it found itself after a fit of zealous de-cluttering. And all was well in the world.


You ever do that? Clean so well that you never find something again? I swear three quarters of the battle in house cleaning is finding places to put stuff, and not just temporary out of sight solutions either, but proper homes for all the ‘stuff’ that finds its way into our homes. And I’m a pretty zealous thrower-outer - I regularly toss, recycle and donate all sorts of crap that we no longer need and aren’t sure where it came from in the first place.


Anyhow, the other day found me in the Mission area of Calgary, where I managed to hit up not only Cruffs, but Yann Haute Patisserie while waiting for my ride.  Cruffs was closer to my destination so I popped in there for a quick Cream Puff – because I love cream puffs. There is not much to the store -  the counter where magic happens and a row of bar stools facing the huge store window. 






The cream puffs come in two sizes – small and huge, and since I hardly eat sweets I got huge. You know, to compensate.  The shells are pre-baked and filled with cream filling to order – so you get a perfectly creamy treat with no sogginess.  I asked the genleman at the counter what his favorite flavor was, and went with the recommended hazelnut.



The puff was perfectly crispy and tasted pretty good - none of the fake shortening-like flavor you get with supermarket frozen cream puffs, but none of the elusive taste of fresh cream puffs baked with butter. The filling was perfectly balanced blend of creamy and hazelnut, and the whole thing disappeared alarmingly quickly. Then I got one to take home.  Verdict? Perfectly lovely but not craving inducing.



2312A – 4St SW 


Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs on Urbanspoon


Wandering just a bit further, you come to a lovely jolly yellow house off 4th street, and ascending up the steps you end up in a house-turned-bakery that quickly took Calgary by storm, quickly becoming known for their macarons and other baked goods.  And here I have a confession to make. As well as being a bit indifferent towards dessert, I am not the world’s biggest fan of macarons. I’ve tried them a few times, and they just don’t do anything for me. So I blew thirty bucks on other stuff, like the best baguette I’ve tried in Calgary:



And very tasty croissants:




And the piece de resistance – a chocolate/hazelnut beignet that could make you weep. It is so good they’ve been sold out every time I’ve been back. I wish they would hang a sign when they have them or triple the batches or something. On the other hand I’m sure my waistline thanks the rarity factor.



Yann Haute Patisserie

329 23AVE SW

Yann Haute Patisserie on Urbanspoon

10 comments to Mission and Desserts

  • I’m still looking for my passport when I “tidied up” in 1998!

    Those pastries look yum-mee!

  • admin

    I hahaha! That’s great Teena, that must be a record. :) The pastries are fantastic, wish I could send you one, although I’m sure you have stellar bakeries in TO.

  • Oh my, everything looks delectable… so light and airy, why I bet they’d hardly make a dent on any waistline lol!
    As for cleaning so thoroughly, you can’t find stuff again… this happens to us so often that we’ve actually discussed starting a notebook where we record all new ‘homes’ as we assign them!

  • I’m so wishing we had a “House of Cream Puffs” in my town! I can just smell the butter and hear the crisp flakiness of the bites. Yum!!

  • Your photos are fabulous. So clear that I feel I can just reach in and grab one of those yummy treats. And they do look soooo yummy! That chocolate/hazelnut beignet looks irresistible.

  • admin

    @Jane – that’s a most brilliant idea! Although I can see myself misplacing the notebook in a fit of cleaning too. :) And if you eat calories with air it doesn’t count, right?

    @Ashley – it’s a pretty cool alternative to donuts and cupcakes which have ruled the town till now.

    @Martha – it’s ALL the camera – I know NOTHING about photography. :) The beignet was seriously good. The kind of good that makes you wonder how you’ve lived without having one for so long. Do come visit sometime, and we’ll go out for one, or several.

  • Oh my gosh!! The chocolate & hazelnut beignet looks too good to be true!! I need some!!! Thanks for the post, I know where I’m getting dessert when I needs some! :)

  • admin

    Hey Elsie – that beignet is beyond good, but be careful to get there early so they don’t sell out. :)

  • jen

    YES!!! You had the hazelnut beignet, I had that a couple weeks ago again and they are SOOO good. The apricot compote filled beignet is to die for too!

  • admin

    @Jen – they are aren’t they? I had the apricot one on a subsequent visit, and it was awesome, albeit messy to read in the car. :) But I’m actually dreaming about the hazelnut one, so must go back.

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