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Our weather is typical, and a quickie review





This was my hood yesterday morning.  We got our typical April dump that comes right after the first few days of sunshine and spring, just to give us that kick in the pants that says don’t get too comfortable – this is Calgary.



Right before I left my last job, (the one that was moving to the States), I had the chance to grab lunch with a couple of my co-workers, and we walked over to Trader’s Grill at the Mariott Hotel.


The Grill is past its glory days – it used to occupy a bigger space on the second floor, with large windows overlooking the city, and served a good lunch buffet. Now it’s on the main floor, and is little more than a cafe with a bar.  It was mostly empty the entire lunch, perhaps a quarter of the tables were occupied. 


The menu is simple but very well thought out. There is a decent selection among all the main food groups, and the dishes are not boring. I am sick to death of the usual assortment of salads, sandwiches and steaks that comprise many lunch menus, and was glad to see something like an omelet, or short rib pasta, or baguette with boursin, or the chicken schnitzel which I incidentally ended up having.  Apparently they have excellent daily specials as well, which happened to be grilled cheese on the day we visited, and it would have to be a heck of a grilled cheese to beat my homemade one.



The food took a while to arrive given the lack of patrons, but when it arrived, it did not disappoint.  Just look at it!



The schnitzel was piping hot, with a crunchy, well seasoned breading, and the chicken inside was fork tender. The roasted taters were very good, the salad was lovely if a bit simple, and the grilled lemon was simply genius.  It was a superb meal on a chilly Calgary day.


It seems like more hotels are expanding their restaurants, and trumpeting about them on Twitter and blogs. The Mariott on the other hand seems to be heading in the opposite direction, which is a shame, as the food at Trader’s Grill is as good as some, and better than many lunch options in downtown Calgary.  I should also mention that I can see the appeal of the large windows in the summer, it would be great to people watch while lunching.



Trader’s Grill

Stephen Avenue
110 9 Ave SE
(403) 231-4503
Trader's Grill on Urbanspoon

5 comments to Our weather is typical, and a quickie review

  • We were dumped on about a foot yesterday 🙁
    Thankfully the sun came out today and a lot of it’s already gone.
    To be expected, but depressing nonetheless.
    I rarely get to Calgary, but thanks to your blog I’ll at least know where (or not) to go for lunch!

  • I can’t believe you guys got snow. Well, I CAN believe it; I just don’t want to 🙂 Calgary is a beautiful city, but I don’t think I could handle the weather you have. I could barely handle the weather here. I. Need. Warmer. Weather. Why am I not living further south?

    Anyhow, that dish looks delicious! Makes me want to take a bite right out of the photo.

    On a separate note, I’ve been meaning to ask you a couple of quesions:

    1) How is your brother doing?

    2) How is that stray cat you trapped doing?

  • admin

    @Jane – we likely got broadsided by the same storm. Our snow was gone quickly also, but as I type, on Saturday evening, the sun is falling and icicles growing on lamp posts. Sigh.

    @Martha – I hear ya. Calgary SUCKS climactically, and it’s not THAT beautiful given the fact that there is no greenery most of the year. It does bloom in the summer, but it’s very brief. I need warmer too! Where is that global warming again?

    Thank you so much for asking – my brother has recovered fine. He stayed at the hospital on an IV for about a week, became an outpatient for a few days and spent about a month getting his strengh back as he was pretty wiped from the antibiotics. Now he’s good if a bit more easily tired.

    Kitty is doing well – he’s been christened Pumpkin and is starting to explore the house, slowly. The white cats are very frienly, but Alfie the tortie is very territorial and chases him back to his room regularly. I try not to interfere and let time sort it out. I plan to take some pictures soon and write an update. But he’s healthy and happy and seems to be more and more brave every day. 🙂

  • We got some rain and snow today. I had to dig my winter coat out again 🙁

    That meal looks yummy!!!

  • My winter coat is out too, which is quite sad. And poor US got slammed with their tornadoes. Weather seems out of whack all over the world.

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