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I is getting a greehouse!


A real one! This news fills me with deep joy since after the tomato-pocalypse of last summer, I was ready to pull a Pontius Pilate and wash my hands of growing vegetables altogether.


Scenes like this are not erased lightly, and my dreams were full of broken tomatoes crying ‘why, hail why?’ Just kidding on the dreams part, but it was traumatic, trust me.



But I have this very handy friend, who kindly took pity on me, and is going to help me build my very own greenhouse. Can we say SCORE?!! Not only do I get some valuable building experience, which I badly want, (being so much of a city kid it’s pathetic), but I also get a veggie growin’ house out of the deal.


And with his help, (this guy is overqualified, believe me), the greenhouse will look more like this:



And less like this:

Photo from


 All I have to say, is  HAIL – BRING IT!!!

And, I guess I’d better get going on my seedlings after all..  🙂




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