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Catching the kitty that lived on my porch through -30 C (-22F)  temperatures has kind of consumed my spare time for the last few weeks. Well, that, and my birthday on Monday, and the midterm that I wrote, and the holidays of course. 🙂

But kitty took precedence. Even though he came and went a bit sporadically, he was usually on the porch waiting for his meal when I came home from work.  After watching him shiver and huddle on the yoga mat, we got smart and bought an outdoor heating pad which we enclosed in a lovely big box with styrofoam inside, and draped with a blanket to keep snow off.  Then we got a second heating pad as a side wall, and kitty moved in pretty permanently. We probably would have gotten a third and fourth heating pad as well, but finally, finally, kitty deigned to walk into the cat trap that was thoughtfully placed there by our perennial favorite cat rescue group – The MEOW Foundation.





Food didn’t do it, either. He was too leery of the trap to be enticed by food, and circled it carefully, electing to go hungry rather than chance being eaten by crocodiles or whatever his kitty imagination came up with.  Plus it doesn’t help that food freezes in about two minutes in these temperatures, offering very little in the way of temptation in a short while.  It was a healthy sprinkle of catnip that lured him in, a substance that proved irresistible. Kitty went in, the trap went slam! and a mournful meow later, we had a very apprehensive prisoner.






Of course this happened at about eleven last night, and of course the vet where we dropped him off was clear across the city, and of course I’m exhausted today, but also quite elated that kitty will spend his first warm night inside, in… forever? The vet will neuter him, and fix up any cuts and injuries, de-worm him and vaccinate him, and he will go to the MEOW Foundation to recuperate. There they will determine whether he’s fully feral, or just shy, and will decide whether his future lies in being adopted or not.

At the very least he’s warm, fed and getting used to people, and while his empty box sits on my porch I sleep better at night not worrying whether he’ll get hit by a car today, get eaten by a coyote, or where in the world his latest injury came from.




11 comments to Captured!

  • Yay! I’m soooooo happy. This is wonderful news. I was reading the story and my heart was just pounding away with excitement. Catnip! Of course! That is genius. I don’t know why I never thought of that. Anyhow, he’s such a nice looking fella. I hope he’s able to be adopted. But what happens if he’s fully feral? What will they do with him?

    For now, I’m pleased, like you, that he’s warm, his tummy is full, he’ll get neutered, patched up and that he’s safe from any type of outdoor danger. You are a true animal lover 🙂 Even while outdoors, he had a happy and loving home with you. A warm box and regular food is more than most outdoor cats can ever hope for.

    Oh, and happy birthday 🙂

  • admin

    Thanks Martha! If the kitty is fully feral, the shelter will return him to my porch to live out his natural life as he will. Keeping cats confined in a shelter forever is cruel and pointless, and they feel he’s better served doing his thing as long as he has someone to feed him, which he does.

    I am hoping that they find he’s rather sociable, just reticent, and am lobbying hard to add him to OUR household, which James is currently resisting, but I’m sure he’ll relent if kitty is really faced with the streets again. We have a formerly feral cat at home, Alfie the tortie, and she’s really come around. I don’t doubt kitty would be the same.

    And it’s the best b-day gift, really, getting a stray animal off the cold, cold streets. 🙂

  • Congrats on capturing the kitty! You have a good heart 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! Congrats on putting so much effort into finding that kitty a better home!

  • admin

    Thanks for wishing the kitty well! He is currently in our guest bedroom in the basement as the shelter determined that he’s too feral for an easy adoption. Of course I couldn’t let him end up back on the street, so for now we’ll try house life and see how it goes.

  • Jean

    Oooooh, back at your place, eh? He’s been neutered then? You could be the foster home too. Either way, it’s a grand success. Huge kudos to you and James.

  • Jean

    And he needs a name!

  • admin

    Yes we are indeed the foster home and the palace of socialization…lol He definitely needs a name, but so far we’re stumped. Hopefully his personality will emerge soon, and suggest something!

  • I’m so happy for you & glad kitteh’s warm now! We recently found a friendly tom that looks similar. We call him Cheeto.

    We have many cats around here that need help, but no one operates TNR in our city yet. Local cat rescue groups do an amazing job, but the city really needs to step up & help out.

  • admin

    @Maria – thanks, I’ll definitely check it out.

    @Chris – Cheeto is a great name! I might ahem.. borrow that one. As far as TNR – Calgary started a cat licensing program that pays for TNR. The fees are pretty nominal, about 30 bucks a year, and the fees go entirely towards stray support as well as free spaying for low-income people. That way there is no extra tax burden on the city. Run it by your municipality, they may go for it.

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