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The initial shock of the outsourcing news is largely over, and things are back on track at work. The timelines involved are not immediate, ranging from three to six months,  with severance for all regular employees, which has helped to return things to normal functioning, albeit with far less enthusiasm and conscientiousness. 

My homeless kitty remains stubbornly uncatchable. He has eluded cat traps, clever maneuvers to catch it, and offers of cod liver.  He still comes by every day for food and water though, and has finally deigned to sit on a yoga mat provided for him to keep his furry orange butt off cold concrete.  I decided if I can’t trap him, so be it, and ordered an outdoor pet heating pad, which has gotten rave reviews on Amazon.  I figure if he takes to the heating pad, (and he’d have to be sick in the head not to), perhaps we can work towards some other shelter, like a styrofoam cooler and a plastic bin? We can hope.

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Bread baking has progressed to sourdough which turned out wonderfully, and now I have a bowl of bubbly starter in my fridge which I feed regularly. For some reason I find this hilarious and call him Bubba. Bubba the starter has to be fed the night before you bake bread, so the two day process remains unchanged. I also bought some rye flour at the local health food store, since a good rye bread is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

And speaking of great pleasures, one of the largest and best  traditions of eastern Europe is sauerkraut. The crunchy fermented cabbage is full of natural probiotics and is one of the healthiest winter stored foods, not to mention utterly delicious.  Our family often puts some up in the fall and gleefully consumes it in soups, sides and stews until it’s gone. From bratwurst and kraut to adding a zing to borscht, it’s absolutely fantastic.  And one of the best bowls of this soup in Calgary was found in a wee little restaurant called Praga Cafe across from Chinook Mall.

Their version of the soup was thick with potatoes, golden from paprika and so addictive that I could have kept eating it until I burst.  I had to stop as we ordered a main dish too, but that soup was something else, and I’ve kept craving it since.  I really should see if they’ll part with a recipe and I’ll share it with the world.

That’s about the exicement of the week, and my next post will take you back to the summer, cause I could sure use a break from winter. Happy December y’all!

4 comments to Updates

  • Wow, that is one street-smart kitty. I would have thought you’d have caught him by now. Still. He seems quite comfortable around you – even if it’s at a distance. Perhaps over time, he’ll become more and more friendly, and you’ll be able to trap him. In any case, it is amazing that you would get him a heating pad for his little furry butt. That is a really kind and sensitive gesture. Only a true animal lover would go to that extent. I hope it all turns out well for him. At least he has a safe and loving place to hang out at, and food to eat.

    I’ve never tried sauerkraut, or at least I think I haven’t. It is something that I’m curious about, though. Now that you’ve praised it, perhaps I’ll give it a try. That soup looks delicious, by the way. It’s funny how I’m enjoying soup more and more as I get older. It never appealed to me in my early years.

  • Jean

    I shall have to try that soup. Perhaps if we put our brains together we can figure out the recipe. BTW, I am half way through making my own saurkraut borscht this weekend! Fat will be skimmed off the broth today and regular ingredients added. One more good simmer and viola!

  • That’s so nice of you to help that kitty out. I guess if you can’t catch ’em, you can at least create a good home for her to come visit. Glad you’re doing ok after the news a work. I know that can be unsettling. You just never know what’s around the bend and I’m wishing for wonderful opportunities to come your way! Happy holidays! Marly

  • admin

    @Martha – Me too – on everything. From thinking he’d be caught by now, to being friends at a distance. And it plunges to -40 here regularly, so I’d feel waaaay too sorry to see him freezing hunched over on cold concrete outside our house. And a heating pad is a good thing to have on hand anyhow, it’s not that expensive. The soup was to die for, and a great way to introduce yourself to sauerkraut.

    @ Jean – OMG the soup. It’s different from yours, but almost as good. Yours is kind of a gold standard though. 🙂 But for five bucks or whatever it was, it was SO worth it.

    @Marly – Thanks so much for your kind wishes 🙂 at least we have time to look for work and not have to be hitting the streets without warning. The business decision kind of, sort of makes sense from the company perspective, so tomato tomato. I hope the stupid recession lets up sometime though.

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