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Dyson sucks – well.

I is so busy at work it’s not funny. It’s our month-end, and year-end and account reconciliation rolled into one, never mind this math course I’m taking and life just sucks for free time right now. Of course I’m pretty new at this job, and don’t really know what I’m doing yet, except for it’s all confusing.

At least I have a very clean basement, because we just scored a refurbished Dyson vacuum that was half price at Home Sense, and let me tell you, they are NOT exaggerating. Now, we have three cats, as I’m fond of telling people, and them cats are fond of shedding. Our main floor has hardwood floors that we vaccum every day or two, otherwise we’d be drowning in cat fur. But the basement is a morass of carpet and hair. Hair that our built-in vacuum was choking on regularly. So then I had three cats and the vacuum chucking up hairballs. The thing with basements is that if your built-in vacuum tank is also in the basement, you’re golden. But ours is in the garage, a few feet above the basement, and I don’t think the motor just knew how to work against gravity after a while.  Long story short, the vaccum was choking frequently, the brush was clogged with hair and you could hear the vacuum lid being pelted with debris that couldn’t quite climb up to the garage.

So the Dyson came into our life, and it’s not the entry level model, nor the very high end, it’s a somewhere in betweener canister vac, DC -21, I think.  Whatever, it was on sale.  While doing the weekend cleaning marathon we tested it out in the basement, it’s personal battle field, and it was a fantastic experience – the canister FILLED UP promptly with pounds of cat hair, dust and fluff. Within vacuuming a three foot space, we filled up the canister entirely.  My glee could not be contained, and we literally competed for the remainder of the floor, emptying it out every three feet or so.  I hate to say it, but vacuuming was fun that day, and how often does that happen, the second Tuesday of never?

I really started this post to share a recipe for a split pea soup that’s pure fall, but got derailed thinking that I really need to share this vacuum story with you. Because if you live in a house with three cats, or young kids, or a large dog, you really should consider a Dyson. Of couse I’m saying this having owned it less than a week, and firmly into the honeymoon period, but my carpets have never been cleaner, judging by how much cat hair I’m pulling out. It’s disgusting, you could easily make a bear out of it.  Anyhow, soup to come later this week.  Hope you’re having a more relaxing month than me!

9 comments to Dyson sucks – well.

  • We love our dyson as well. I’m amazed at how much they suck…dog hair from our floors! 😉

  • Jean

    You’re hilarious.

  • admin

    @Marly – 🙂

    @Jean – very seldom.

  • Oh man, I am so jealous. My vacuum really sucks (in the bad way), and even though I don’t have cats, it’d be nice to suck up fluff that just kinda taunts my crappy vacuum.

    You should actually make a bear out of cat hair and sell it on eBay.

  • I’ve been eying those babies up for quite a while, wondering if they’re actually worth the price.

    My luck, they’re not on sale anymore. But I’m going to check and see what the internets say right now!

  • We have a crappy vacuum cleaner … I’m jealous!

  • admin

    @ Phronk – I should, I totally should. I betcha it’s the next Jesus-on-toast! Get thee a refurbished Dyson as soon as budget allows.

    @ Brown-Eyed Girl – that was a total fluke on our part. If it weren’t for a family member who keeps their eyes peeled, I’d never have gotten one on sale.

    @ Teena – crappy vaccums are so annoying! I hope you can replace it soon.

  • Jennifer

    We have a Dyson Slim, and it may be my favourite purchase of all time. We’re on year 3 with this baby, and it works as great as it did on Day 1 (something I cannot say about any of my other vacuums that I would usually have to replace every 1-2yrs!). With cats, a dog and two little kids, our home wouldn’t be complete without one. Worth every single penny!

  • admin

    @Jennifer – yep. Especially with a dog, OMG I shudder to think what life would be like without it.

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