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Some of my favorite things

I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite vendors at the Millarville Market, the great outdoor extravaganza that is 20 minutes from my house.  I wrote about them last summer, and it remains one of my favorite markets to visit, although a new one just opened up close to us too, and it’s wonderful so far. But visiting Millarville allows for a lovely drive into the country in the morning, and it’s great to simply walk around outside in the sunshine, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I shop here so often, that I have a game plan that begins with mini donuts (when the truck is around), and winds its way from the back to the front with ever heavier purchases picked up close to the exit. Which is lovely since I overspend every single time, but since summers are so short it feels like a necessary indulgence.

I always begin with fruit and veggies located at the far right of the market. Local farmers set up their stalls with many greenhouse ‘exotics’ of bell peppers, eggplants, cukes and tomatoes coaxed out of season but tasting great. Our outdoor climate is so dire that June often brings snow, while every u-pick farm has posted that nothing will be ready until early August due to a very late season. So greenhouses are a bit of a necessity for local veggies. The outdoor only farms have rhubarb, spinach and some lettuce going, but that’s about it.

This year a new tent is up: Worms at Work which sells worm castings. I have little experience with them, but they have some trial flower baskets grown with and without worm castings and the difference is dramatic. They can also mix up some compost tea for the enterprising gardener.

Along the way my eye was drawn to beautiful prairie bouquets of dried rye, wheat, grasses and poppy pods. I’d so love to have some for my huge vase, but life with three cats predicts disaster, so I refrained.

A totally odd but neat addition to the market is the folks who developed Beef Bacon. They had samples frying up on the griddle, and people, it was awesome. I could not tell any difference between bacon and beef bacon. Why develop beef bacon when we have perfectly good bacon in the first place? No idea, but I assume that people who don’t eat pork for religious or cultural reasons would be glad to try it out. I grabbed a package because it was truly delicious.

The Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch has many fantastic products, but I can’t wean myself off their Buffalo Pepper Salami and amazing Elk Hot Dogs. I love hot dogs for what they are – salty, juicy, slightly smoky meat processed beyond recognition, and these taste great, never mind that they’re healthier for you. CRMR is a local success, and they’ve recently opened up a store on 17 Ave, which is wonderful in the winter time.

Ridgeview Farms yielded some great llama pepperoni sticks and jerky. I’ve been taking their jerky to work as a protein rich snack or as a salty side to a bowl of cherries. Yes, I have weird tastes, but I love it.

I’ve been in love with Dietz Meatz’s garlic sausage forever and ever. It was one of the first things I tried at Millarville and it’s been a staple in my freezer since. It’s the only sausage that comes close to the amazing farmers sausage my girlfriend brings in bulk quantities from Saskatoon several times a year. It’s smoky, garlicky, a bit spicy and utterly delicious. And the little guy will probably be a fan for life.

Spragg’s Meat Shop provided awesome free range, home processed bacon, a few ribs to toss on the bbq, and a lovely roast to be had when the weather is cool.  I absolutely love these guys for their total dedication to customers and growing awesome guilt free food.

Bowden Farms chicken has also been a staple in our house for years. When we first googled free range, organic chicken they were the first on the list. This family owned farm is also a local marketing success story with their meat popping up on menu’s with increasing frequency, which is great as their chicken is great. They have some baked goods on their table, and oddly enough make the best double chocolate zucchini loaf I’ve ever had.

Towards the front, just near the exit are some wonderful crafts, as unique as the people who make them.  Like this metalwork – such interesting pieces. His fire grills seemed very popular with the public as well.

And these daisies just made me laugh… given my weeds this year perhaps I should just stick to these:

And I’ve left out quite a bit too, like the lady with the Polish food stand, that makes the best poppy seed rogaliki. They always sell out fast, so get there early to grab them. They are buttery, flaky and addictive. Or the lady with fresh ground Indian spice mixes. No more figuring out what goes into a garam masala, just grab a small baggy and cook. But I guess that’s why visiting the market to discover your own treasures is so much fun. What are your local gems?

11 comments to Some of my favorite things

  • JeannieG

    Man, I SOOO have to get there with you one of these Saturdays! Looks fab. And by the way, I’m heading to S’toon on the 30th if you need any sausage. 🙂

  • admin

    Aaaah the sausage ‘smuggler’ 🙂 That is some fine sausage… I’m in. Yep, you should come down. Find a Saturday when you have other stuff to do in Calgary and lets do it. Although a bit closer the new Kingsland FM is great too – Macleod and 75th. AND it’s open most of the week. It’s what will replace the old market in Currie barracks.

  • Wow, so many amazing things. And so much food I’ve never heard of. Beef bacon? Interesting. I wonder if it’s healthier. Anyhow, it looks like a wonderful place to shop at; I can certainly see why you like going there.

  • Looks like you had quite a day! We have a farmer’s market that we can ride our bike to, but I don’t think it’s as big as yours. Ahh well, it’s all so nice anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  • admin

    Size is not what matters! Haven’t you heard 🙂 I just love them in the summer though, we really get a very short season of local produce.

  • admin

    Beef Bacon was excellent, and likely a bit healthier, but who eats bacon for health? We eat it for the ultimate in taste. And it’s one of my favorite markets around, although some US markets we explored would put ours to shame. But warmer growing season means much more variety.

  • Oh I want one of those daisies! I have the perfect place(s) for them!

    I with our farmer’s market was as large in diverse as yours…thanks for the tour! kim

  • Aren’t farmers’ markets great?

    We were at the one in St. Jacobs on Tuesday … waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much selection! There’s one outside Gord’s office building every Thursday.

  • admin

    @ inadvertent farmer – I want one of those too! And yes, it’s a wonderful market.

    @ Teena – they absolutely rock. I’d love to have one outside my office though – that’s unparalleled convenience!

  • I have never seen so many meat stands at a market… it took years to even get them into our farmers markets in No. California.
    Can you get us a recipe for rogaliki?

  • admin

    Hi Patricia,

    I think it has to do with the general climate here – growing produce is an exercise in patience and full of losses, but animals are easier to manage. Plenty of land, grass and space. So I think many more people find it more economically viable to raise meat rather than grow veggies. I’ll look around my Slavic cookbooks for a recipe for you.

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