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Public Service Announcement


Photo by merfam on Flickr


So each year we get bombarded with free unwanted presents from the Yellow Pages phone book fairy. Each year a thick brick-like tome ends up darkening my doorstep despite the many ‘Save The Trees’ and ‘No Junk Mail’ flyers. Either the fairy can’t read or she thinks a new set of phone books surely disqualifies her from such petty concerns as our forests.

And each year I look at it, slap my forehead and go ‘Duh’.

Well no more. This year I weaseled out the magic number out of the Yellow Pages group and wanted to share it with the world. Ready?

(course ya gotta hit zero to talk to someone)
But get this, you have to call every TWO years to cancel again. Because the Yellow Group has no regard for petty environmental concerns or the miracles of the digital age like GOOGLE or smart phones or simply calling 411 for the number.  And there is no online opt-out list (likely because it would crash any server in seconds). But they don’t want to make it easy for you to cancel. So if you need a new monstrocity of two to four phone books each year, then hey. But if you wish to opt out  – mark this day on your calendar so you can do it again in 2012!


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