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Back in the saddle


I’m back from sunny Cuba, and unlike my last trip it was a rather mediocre vacation, mainly due to the family choice of hotels. Travel tip – if you’re going to Varadero don’t stay at the tip of the peninsula. The marshy and boggy land spawns mosquitoes like Manitoba’s forests do, and no amount of spraying they do can diminish their staggering numbers. Also the beaches suck.  But days were still sunny and beautiful, we saw our friends and got the customary sunburn so of course it wasn’t all bad.  

While I was gone Iceland exploded in a truly cool and expensive eruption and I wanted to share a link to the coolest photos of the volcano I’ve seen to date. Here. Nothing drives home the power of nature better than events like this and it’s impossible to see the photos without appreciating just how powerful the planet is and how insignificant we are.

The garden is feeling neglected, so my to do list this week includes deeply watering my trees since we are in a drought and they could use a long soak, repotting my tomatoes into tall containers – likely pop and milk jugs one more time before they go outside, and planting peas. Since we’ve had such a warm spring I could’ve done this already, but I procrastinated so in they go now, along with lettuce. Since we’re still a month away from last frost I should still be good for time. This year I’m planting an heirloom variety that happens to be a bush pea since they climbed too well last year and were flattened by the winds into a messy jungle. I also need to rake the grass somewhere in there… busy time spring is.




I also need to sort out a solution to hardening off my tomato seedlings. It was a pain in the butt when I only had nine plants, but this year I’ve got triple that amount and hauling them up and down the stairs is a dangerous and time consuming proposition. I’m contemplating rigging up some sort of permanent like shelter a week or so before they go outside. Anyone have any solutions to this problem? This seems like the most PITA part of the whole seed starting process.  If my interest in growing food continues (and I have a feeling it will), I may simply have to get a greenhouse and save myself the headache.

My cats rule and I love all three of them in very different ways, but the depths of my white deaf boy’s weird behavior know no bounds. He’s recently learned a new trick – locking himself in the bathroom and hollering on top of his lungs to be let out. His process is as follows: he goes into the bathroom and sniffs around for a few minutes. Then he backs into the bathroom door butt first until it closes. Then he turns around and starts yelling at it indignantly. If we’re not careful and leave a wedge of some sort he’ll spend the whole day locked up in there alternating between screaming and sleeping until we get home and let him out. He’s so special it hurts.




Anyhow it’ll be a busy week and I’m thrilled that summer feels around the corner.



4 comments to Back in the saddle

  • Ha ha ha…I laughed heartily with your sweet cat. He’s adorable. I can just imagine him stuck in the bathroom, calling for help – and really meaning it. You don’t know whether to laugh because he’s so entertaining, or to fell sorry for him, because it clearly causes him stress.

    Those photos of the volcano are amazing, just awesome. Mother Nature rules! If she gets it in her head, she can wipe us all out easily, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We really are insignificant.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you got a chance to get away and take a little vacation. And even if it wasn’t the most ideal place in Cuba, I’d take it any day. Where there’s a beach, is where I want to be!

    And now that you’re back, it’s time to start enjoying the gardening season. Don’t you just love it? I’ve spent a lot of time out there this week; the weather was glorious and I had to take advantage. And for us Canucks, we’ll take as much gardening as we can, whenever we can, since our season is so darn short.

  • admin

    Yep – we generally laugh 🙂 He gets vocal about so much in life – random lights, closed doors, waking up alone and a number of other mundane things. Last year I had the tomatoes against the basement window and he REALLY hated them (or at least yelled at them a lot). Why? Who knows. Maybe he was yelling at the bees flying by or maybe he really wanted a tomato. Hard to say.

    Totally ready to get into gardening, but the first week back from vacation is always rough – there’s always lots to do – unpack, laundry, work it seems overwhelming. Can’t wait for the weekend to get outside.

  • Your cat looks like he’s ready to topple over that bin! Too funny. Your trip to Cuba sounds amazing and well worth the extra tending to your garden.

  • admin

    Yeah the trip was good even if bad, that is the zen of travel. And the cat would topple over without any regard for physics, no problem. And then yell.

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