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Leave Ann Coulter alone!

I know, I’ll make a YouTube video!  Kidding.

Never did I think that those words would come out of my mouth, but there’s one of life’s surprises for ya. For the record, I can’t stand Ann Coulter, she’s too easy to make fun of on every level – from the superficial to the intellectual, except for there’s nothing intellectual about her, so never mind that. But really, she makes it too easy. And she’s already hated in the blogosphere with the hatred reserved for child molesters, so I won’t be joining their clamor.

But she’s recently been on a tour of Canada, starting in Ontario where she had to cancel an appearance due to ‘security concerns’, and now she’s enroute to my cold fair town of Calgary to give a speech tonight. If there was anyplace in Canada where she would not be tarred and feathered it would be in this bastion of conservatism, and even here she’s polarizing enough to prompt some pretty unflattering comparisons, an outcry on social media sites and a Facebook group dedicated to forming a human wall to prevent her from speaking. TO PREVENT HER FROM SPEAKING! People, this is ludicrous and contrary to the notion of free speech AND common sense.

A part of what constitutes adulthood is the ability to develop discernment and judgment and freedom to make one’s own decisions. To that end we are free to choose what concerts we attend, where we dine and who’s speeches we listen to. If someone wanted to ban a rock concert from coming to town because THEY didn’t agree with the lyrics, we’d be pretty pissed off and say stay home, right? Why would we not extend that courtesy to the people who want to listen to her speech tonight, whether out of curiosity or whatever. (And believe me, the irony of Ann Coulter speaking about free speech should make you laugh, not bother you. ) All I’m saying is that she’s entitled to her opinion, and we are entitled to either listen to it or not, agree with her or not. Nowhere does that include saying ‘you can’t come here and talk’.

All I’m saying is if you don’t want to see her speech – stay home. It’s hard to preach anything to an audience of one, and I’m sure most of her audience will be there either out of morbid curiosity with which we observe train wrecks, or to try and argue with her in person. But to deny her the right to speak – well people need to get over themselves. Until she takes her hate speech to the level of calling for direct action of causing someone harm, she’s entitled to her opinions, no matter how misguided or offensive. So all ya ‘protesters’ need to get over yourselves and your belief that your opinion overrides hers. Stay home. Don’t listen. And if you want something to really get worked up about, sit there and ponder why the government thinks it’s a better steward of your money than you are.

PS – Stay home – is not a ‘tactic’ that you need to exercise to make her go away. It is YOU exercising YOUR rights, without infringing on the rights and freedoms of others.

8 comments to Leave Ann Coulter alone!

  • I agree completely! As a free-thinking (wonder how long that will last in this country) individual, I want the right to decide whose speech I will listen to. Or what books I will read. Or what TV programs I want to watch. If someone else doesn’t like any of my choices, they are free to make other ones. But I’m afraid that the politically correct have hijacked this country, and for some stupid reason, they believe that they know what’s best for everyone. Or worse, that they have the right to force their opinions and beliefs on everyone else. Because, of course, they know what’s best. Frankly, I’m tired of it. Let me decide what’s best for me. Stay on your side of the fence. And for heaven’s sake, stop trying to run my life.

  • Jean

    Amen Sister Gurl.

  • admin

    @WR – at least there are some of us around to raise our voices too. The pc contingent is annoying as they speak out against perceived slights against them, but become downright dangerous as they try and dictate other people’s actions. But I know we’re not alone in this line of thinking, so hopefully we can make ourselves heard too.

    @Jean – 🙂

  • I heard her Ottawa appearance got cancelled … I have no idea who she is.

  • Lucky Teena. Sigh

    Thanks for this – well argued and much needed. Personal opinion of Ms. Coulter is that she’s an inflammatory sham. Her entire persona has been created to elicit large speaking fees and sell plenty of books. I don’t mean she secretly has leftist views, just that her primary mission is less political than financial and she has been massively rewarded for dressing well and having a good hairdresser while letting her inner wingnut fly free. (Kind of like somebody else we know.) All this protesting and banning and what have you doesn’t do anything but line her pockets. Much better to ignore her and wait for her schtick to get old. Or for her to get old; her fan base is likely to drop way off once she starts looking like Phyllis Schlafly.

  • admin

    @Teena – yep, canceled for security reasons – that’s pretty crazy.

    @leslie land – thanks. I totally agree with your synopsis of her – a financially motivated pundit who figured out how to offend huge numbers of people loudly in order to move product. The silly thing is the amount of people who thing ‘she tells it like it is’ and well, we can discuss their IQ points later. 🙂 But really, whether she believes her own opinions or not is irrelevant to the fact that she has the right to express them. Just like you and I.

  • Melissa

    She probably canceled her show due to lack of tickets sold, not security. I have little respect for people who take the low road to fame and prosperity. Most intelligent people can easily dismiss her words and see that she is an entertainer, however there are many impressional people in my country who will believe anything from a well-dressed and well-spoken person on TV that feeds into their fears and insecurities. Many Americans will vote against their own self-interest (which is why we don’t have universal health care like Canada). Fox News and Ann and friends spread so much mis-information that many Amercians think that being a “patriot” means paying no taxes and toppling our government. What is difficult is that mega-corporations own our TV networks, publishing house, and radio broadcasts. The propaganda that Ann spews is good for their profits, so it is given a mass audience. Is that considered free speech or corporate-backed mass propaganda? What is sad is that people who have a message that is anti-mega-corporations and is rarely given the opportunity to be widely heard because of the way our media is owned.

  • admin

    @Melissa – very thoughtful comment. And it is a vicious circle of many hands washing each other – the media, govt, and corporations are in on it together drowning out most things intelligent and thoughtful. However a large reason for the many impressionable people is the poor, state run education system which begins indoctrinating children according to the color of the state at a young age. Some grow up to question the status quo and seek alternate media sources, and many do not, coming across as ignorant and backwards. As to the taxes and health care issue, without opening up a huge can of worms I honestly feel that most people simply feel like taxation without representation is not cool. Sure you can’t please everyone, but your govt (and ours) have hardly been exemplary models of being answerable to it’s elected citizens. I don’t agree with where my tax dollars go, how they’re spent and the lack of accountability and ever growing controls do make me think twice about paying them taxes.

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