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Kibbles and bits

This week has been full of weird and quirky info that I feel compelled to share:

Best poem:

I am sitting here in front of the window,
and I am being bored.
I wish I was two puppy’s
so I could play together.

I have no idea who to attribute it to, since it was sent to me by a friend without a signature. If it’s yours – sorry, but I love it.




My friends two year old son is suffering from a sudden mysterious neurological illness that left his peripheral nervous system totally down. (The doctors think he’ll be okay, but they’d really like to diagnose him.) The neurologists are testing him for everything known to man to see what caused it, and some of the things he had to do were:

– Check to see if he has any unvarnished furniture in the house – take a white cloth and rub all furniture hard to see if it stains.
Vacuum the entire floor with a special sealed vacuum bag to see if anything is present
Bring in all household pills he may have had access to and so on.

What I got out of that conversation is that our houses are probably more toxic than we ever even imagine. I want to read Slow Death by Rubber Duck, but dread it at the same time. 




Google does NOT in fact have all the answers. Earlier this week my boyfriend and I were watching that story on that guy who killed that young girl while she was jogging, you know? And he asked me whether pedophilia exists in the animal world. Weird but legit question. Well I’m not Google, so I fired up the trusty laptop and went to town. And I got nothing. No relevant search results at all. I don’t know what to make of that. I feel a little scared and lonely now that my search engine that could failed me. (Actually this is so not the first time I’ve stumped Google, but I can’t remember what else is NOT out there, and that’s probably a good thing).




In other news, I am officially starting my tomatoes today, and the race begins anew. Seeds go in the pods tonight. Wish me a warm summer please!



3 comments to Kibbles and bits

  • Our homes are more toxic than we think; especially the newer ones. The man who did the inspection on our house last year used to build homes. And he was telling us all about the scary materials they were using these days to put up new homes. He’s part of a committee that’s trying to put an end to all these toxic materials; he says it’s an uphill battle. Pretty scary stuff. I don’t know why he felt compelled to share all that with us but it was quite enlightening, to say the least. Hope your friend’s son gets well.

    Love that poem; too cute!

  • admin

    Yep, and we get to live in them, yay! And then we wonder why allergies, alzheimers, cancer and everything else is on the rise. I think between our diet, cleaning supplies, housing materials and outdoor pollutants, our systems just don’t always cope. One of my dreams is to earn enough money to build a healthy non-toxic home, but it’s sad that I have to request that.

  • cleaning supplies should have earth friendly organic ingredients so that they do not harm the environment :”,

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