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We’re probably going to pay for this…


Hoar frost - bushes


While people down south have been gleefully shoveling rare snow and building gray snowmen, February has been unseasonably warm on the prairies. Like scary warm, with temperatures barely dipping below zero and daytime highs of 4-8 C.


Instead of snow Calgary has been frequently blanketed by insanely thick fog. The kind that muffles all the sounds and gives a cathedral like hush to the city. The kind that turns the sky dusky white, even in broad daylight. The kind that settles in a kind of beautiful hoar frost all over trees and railings and bushes and mailboxes. The kind that feels like there’s magic in the air and it could swallow you whole.


Hoar frost - mailbox 


Most of the time this happens at night lending an otherworldly stillness to the evenings, but the photos below were taken at 2 pm or so on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago. It was enchanting, and I have a feeling we will dearly pay for this with crappy weather in April/May/June/July – take your pick.


Hoar frost - white sky park


Hoar frost - pine tree


Does someone want to tell me why this tree in my front yard never shed its leaves? Thanks.


Hoar frost - tree

7 comments to We’re probably going to pay for this…

  • The tree is likely a live oak. I can’t tell totally from the snow cover leaves, but it appears as if that is the case. A live oak will keep it’s leaves (though brown) through the winter and then the newly emerging leaves push the old ones off in the spring. So you get to rake leaves twice a year. It’s the tree that keeps on giving.

  • admin

    Thanks elle 🙂 at least it’s pretty little and doesn’t really shed many leaves overall. In a few years it could be a different story thouhg…

  • Same here with the weird weather. I’ll take a break this year, we deserve it after the last two.

  • It’s been snowing here since Wednesday.

  • admin

    Yep – you guys have been hit with the white stuff, while today it’s RAINING on our landmark ski hill, and Calgary proper has a high of +9. I love it while it’s here, but
    a) I know it’s a false spring and b)I’m scared of the eventual price we’ll pay – I hope it’s not in June.

  • Oh, I couldn’t agree more! This winter was not very harsh. Even all that snow we had last week melted quickly because of the mild temperatures. But, being the cynic I am when it comes to Canadian weather, I’m also concerned that we’ll pay a price for this ‘easy winter’. Still. I’ll try to remain optimistic. This is my first full season of outdoor gardening (after over 10 years) and I’m going to enjoy it, damn it! 🙂

  • admin

    @WR – I know – I just keep repeating to myself – it couldn’t be worse than last summer, it couldn’t be worse than last summer…. 🙂 Here’s hoping for a wonderful season!

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