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Welcome to 2010!



I have not died.


I have not fallen off the face of the earth.


I have not contracted a mysterious disease that makes my skin fall off.


I have not been kidnapped by aliens and violated in uncomfortable ways.


I have simply been very very very, exceedingly, extremely busy with this thing called work (that I resent more and more the older I get). See in the accounting world we have this crap called year end. All you need to know about year end is that it entails shoving accounting data furiously into the system with a big shovel so that as much data is captured as possible for financial reporting.  Since our little company is still a bit understaffed (just not according to management), that means some long days and tired evenings for moi, especially given the fact that I’ve also gotten back on the exercising wagon. But I promise to be back very soon with a glimpse into a typical house in Cuba, a new place to eat brunch and new ponderings about the state of the world.


See ya soon!

4 comments to Welcome to 2010!

  • I could never be an accountant … my brain doesn’t work that way.

  • admin

    Yeah, neither does mine – it’s a struggle at times. 🙂

  • Recession my arse. I keep hearing places are understaffed. bah humbug.

    PS: as per phone convo: Here we are getting older, you on one end of some spectrum, me on the other, both getting resentful of what we’ve done over and over. Time for some change, I guess….

    For everyone else- Yesterday I was on the road hitching and my first lift stopped, going to the junction I needed. When asked where I was going I still wasn’t sure. I haven’t worked for someone else a full year in my life, yet struggle and strain and bitch and fret for my goals of heart-guidance, as others do for some outcome towards their house, cars, ski trips, comforts; they pineing away for some freedom, me dreaming upon my rolled up sweater of having a blender again (and central heating).


    Thanks for the perspective. Well timed as I’m hanging out in a pad with a seriously comfy couch, a bath I have more serious intention upon than my last boyfriend (ok, maybe not quite), and while no blender, a Seriously nice bunch o people.
    Reading about you romping off to Cuba after hearing of a week ski vacay tells me you know how to flip the coin occasionally, too.


    we’re all shoveling our systems, no?

    I’m pineing for your tomatoes, too, just so you know. and for my own….

  • admin

    Yeah – it’s the same cycle over and over again – lay off too many people so the books look good for a few months, then frantically hire more so the work gets done.

    Yep – small getaways is what you get when you’ve got the golden handcuffs on 🙂 It’s true a new year is always time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not in life. Time to clean house so to speak.

    It’s an interesting journey either way though, and we’re each getting some of what we want out of life and some garbage to deal with too. For the record, I’m pining for my tomatoes too, especially since it was -18 this morning.

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