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A mixed bag

Life has been a bit scattered this week, with nothing inspiring me to write a full length post. No grievous social injustice to point out, no asinine goings-on to rant about or laugh at, not a single new thing around the yard which is slowly turning browner, grayer and deader, and no noteworthy books to speak of. Life has been a mixture of work, exercise (I’m n the fourth week of P90X, I’m so impressed with myself), rather healthy dinners and sleepy cats, so I got a totally random mix of stuff that I feel compelled to share with the world. This blog started out as a garden chronicle, and since the gardening season is good and over, it doesn’t quite know what to do with itself. So if you see a random collection of stuff – well, thems the ways we amuse ourselves in the wintertime.

First off – after writing compelling letters to Sequoia Naturals, the makers of gross chocolate flavored Vega Health Optimizer, the company rep was kind enough to send out some samples of their OTHER flavors which happen to be Vanilla Chai, Berry and Natural. After drinking them this week, I can confidently say that both Vanilla Chai and Berry are at the very least drinkable, if one step below great. I mixed the VChai with half milk half water and it was totally decent, and I mixed berry with a Happy Planet berry smoothie (about 3 oz to a glass of water), and it was also quite nice. I don’t know where they went wrong with the chocolate flavor, but now I have a huge tub that I’ll have to sneak in to other flavors in tiny quantities to use up. If the stuff didn’t work so well I’d chuck it, but it’d be a crime to waste it all. Did I mention I sleep less, have more energy, and can get through pretty tough workouts That’s why it’s even up for discussion.

Random - Vega


We had a small group meeting at work, and just like EVERY other time the manager pointed out that SOME people abuse their breaks, and we as a group have to be really careful to watch when we’re at our desks, and how many breaks we take. I’m one of those retards people that immediately feels guilty (for no reason), and starts mentally scanning the schedule of the last few weeks, trying to figure out where I may have come in ten minutes late or was running late after lunch. The fact that I hardly ever take lunch (I prefer to leave early) is completely irrelevant. I KNOW this is not a reference to myself, so I think it’s a horrible managerial practice to bring up individual people’s issues and address them to the group. It makes everyone feel like crap and really sours the mood for the day. I know why they do it – it’s both to nip a problem in the bud without having to have an uncomfortable conversation with a decent employee, and to prophylactically keep everyone else on their toes, but frak it’s lazy and it fails. Everyone walks away feeling underappreciated and scrutinized (big brother is watching!) and starts pushing back in other ways, wasting time at their desks rather than going for a coffee. People keep a mental tally of time spent working vs. not, and after a talk like that it shifts dramatically, like for every five minutes I come in early I’ll waste ten surfing the net, because everyone hates being babysat and their time micromanaged. I think managers should keep it completely rah-rah and positive with group talks, and bring up individual issues with people as they arise, no matter how unpleasant the discussion. It’s your job.

I am absolutely in love with Miss Anna’s Carribean Sauces. I read about them ages ago on Serious Eats, and if memory serves they were some sort of best hot sauce winner or some such. Anyway, I contacted the company and inquired about Canadian shipping, and they said it would be available in a while. Well it’s been a while, and they now ship to Canada. I cannot overstate how good they are, my faves being the Sweet and Sassy Sauce (despite the name), and their Mellow Pepper Sauce. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite, cause that would be like picking a favorite child. They are some of the most complex, flavorful and multi-purpose sauces I’ve ever eaten. The s&s sauce is closer to a dipping sauce, although I’ve basted it on ribs with great success, and the mellow pepper sauce is a phenomenal marinade with a hint of smoke and turmeric. In fact both my bottles are now empty so I’m going to replenish my stash.

Random - Anna's now has a home and garden section. I am so hooped – I’m already a hopeless addict shipping at least two orders of books each month, and now this? I need to urgently freeze my credit card which would be great except for the fact that it’s on file. Maybe I could do the child blocker thingie on myself and restrict access to once per month??? Help.


2 comments to A mixed bag

  • What a fun post and interesting post! Despite the fact that you feel you’re lacking the inspiration to write, you did rather well here. Although I do understand about that blah feeling this time of year. As everything dies outside, leaving me unable to take a gazillion digital photos and turn them into stories, I have to decide what to write about – from the one million thoughts that float through my head. Daily.

    So glad to hear that now has a home and garden section! Although maybe this isn’t the best thing for someone like me. I should freeze my credit card too.

  • admin

    Hey Water Roots – I know!! While I’m super stoked about the home and garden section I’m terrified of what it may do to the budget. And in time for Xmas no less! And yep – the blog may be a collection of random stuff for a bit – until early March when I start my next batch of seedlings 🙂 Otherwise the weather is dull, the daylight hours very brief (and I’m at work wasting my life for most of them), and photos for inspiration in short supply. Ah well, at least a million thoughts is better than none hey?

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