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A Counterful of Veggies


We are definitely in the home stretch of fall here in Alberta. We’ve already had some frost warnings and are due for some snow this week, if the weather network is to be believed. To that end I have finally harvested all my tomatoes, peppers and zucchini, ready or not.

 Counterful - red


In the case of tomatoes and peppers, the answer is definitely not. I still find it shockingly hard to believe that tomatoes that I started in MARCH are still not ripe on the vine. The only logical explanation I can find is that they went into serious hibernation for all of July, growing tall but no more, that and the fact that they’re heirlooms. Cause it can’t be normal to take six months, can it?


Anyway, I lost two tomato plants to blossom end rot, both of them Valencia’s which is quite sad since they are absolutely fantastically delicious. They are like balls of sweet, complex golden sunshine and the few tomatoes that were salvageable were simply the tastiest of them all.  Now I know that they have the least resistance, since no other tomato variety suffered.  So at the end of the day I am left with a few dozen ripening, but far from ready, tomatoes of various shades and sizes. As they ripen I eat them straight out of hand since this seems like a decadent thing to do each day, and is far healthier than any other snack I can think of. Typically a small handful and one or two large ones are waiting for me in the evening, and tonight I need nothing more than a BLT to make my day.




I also have about two dozen peppers, which is actually not a bad amount, given that I only planted three little plants that shivered in the yard, until the sheltering bulk of zucchini covered them from the wind. And the last two squashes – one large and perfect for stuffing, and one small and tender, great for a quick stir-fry.



Now all that’s left to do is garden clean-up. And eating. And dreaming of next years’ garden. Cause after a summer like this one, it’s gotta be all uphill.



7 comments to A Counterful of Veggies

  • That’s all yours?! I’m sooooo jealous!

  • Great final harvest! I’ve heard putting the unripened tomatoes in a single layer in a cardboard box in a cool dark place will ripen them and keep them fresh. I’ve also found some green tomato salsa recipes. I’m just doing all the fall clean up, it’s almost refreshing to put it all away for next year!

    Do you have any winter gardening plans? (indoor herbs or anything?)

  • admin

    @ Teena – thanks! I am pleased that most are ripening now.

    @ jennifer – I’ve heard the same, but I don’t have enough to worry about. As they ripen (usually about three to five at a time), I just eat them 🙂 They really do taste sublime.
    I would LOVE to grow herbs in the winter, but my three cats seek and destroy all houseplants. IF I can find a good spot I’ll give it a go.

  • If you cook with tomatoes, do what my mom does with hers:
    After they ripen, freeze them whole in plastic bags. Remove as many as you need for cooking (the skin peels right off after you take them out of the freezer; not entirely sure if they need a little time to defrost). My mom’s been doing this for years with her tomatoes and it’s fantastic. If you just eat them straight, I have no idea…LOL…

    Are you really going to get snow already? That is really scary!

    It’s been a sucky summer, hasn’t it? We hardly saw it all this year, so it’s hard to believe that winter is headed our way.

  • admin

    @Water Roots – we DID indeed get snow. It didn’t stick, but it was there all day Sunday. It was very sad. I began cleaning up the yard and grumbling about stupid winter. 🙂 And all this week is rather cold -4 to -10.

    That’s a great idea to just freeze them whole – they can go straight into the sauce pan, really. I don’t think we’ll eat all of them straight, but we’re certainly trying. Next year we’re tripling the garden, so here’s hoping for a large enough harvest to really have an excess.

  • BurlesqueAdventuress

    I can NOT quite believe that you were nervous about your gardening skills….

    THIS is incredible!

    I applaud! And continue peering closely for the great tips!

  • Now that is my kind of decorating!!! Lovely produce…oh the possibilities! Kim

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