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Drumroll please!


The longest wait in the world is finally over!


The tomatoes are starting to ripen!!!


At first it was just the cherries:

 Drumroll - cherries 1

Drumroll - cherries 2

Drumroll - cherries 3


And now it’s even the big guns:

 Drumroll - big gun


I don’t think I can convey just how thrilled I am. I am prouder than a mother hen, given how just long this has taken. Seriously, these tomatoes have a world record for a delayed harvest. I started my seedlings on a cold winter day which is indelibly marked in my mind – March 22.  (Next year January?) Then I had to wait and wait and wait and wait, and April, May, June, July AND August rolled by. I was wondering if I got some sort of developmentally challenged tomatoes, and with deep envy I read all the posts of abundant harvests in the blogosphere.


But it looks like a warm September is giving them a bit of a chance, and they are finally, FINALLY almost ready for harvest. I know this season has sucked across the continent, with battles of drought, excess rain, late spring, late blight and clearly late growth, and I’m not getting a bumper crop by any stretch, but the thrill of seeing these babies ripen on the wine makes up for all the worrying and waiting.


Taste tests coming up!


9 comments to Drumroll please!

  • admin

    Thanks! It’s been a looooong time coming!

  • Are you trying to make me cry??!!

  • Congratulations, Tanya! This is a good season for tomatoes in my garden. Actually, it is the best in 6 years. The Black Krym is our favorite this year.

  • admin

    @ Teena – nope, but *I* was ready to cry until they started actually producing!

    @ Tatyana – your harvest looked amazing! I will have to try Black Krym next year, this year I’ve got the Black Prince, which I can’t wait to taste since it’s famous in Russia.

  • Yay! I know how excited you are, mine just starting to ripen too. We’ve luckily had our cherry ones for a couple weeks, but I never thought the bigger ones would make it. Unfortunately, I have not had one juicy big tomato, and I’m not sure I will. The slugs have been destroying them faster then I can find them. Even in the Maxi Kaps! Next year I’ll have to figure something out to make it more difficult for them. I really wanted my own salsa!

    I hope you get to enjoy yours soon! I’ll be picking the few I might be able to salvage this coming week and ripen them indoors. I’m not losing any to an early frost if I can help it!

  • Fabulous! Nothing like fresh food from the garden. And tomatoes from a home garden are absolutely delicious!

  • Heather

    Oh, nothing like fresh tomatoes from the garden!!

  • admin

    @ jennifer – Yep, the cherries have been slowly trickling in, but the big guns even I’m worried about. I don’t have slugs, but we did get hit with some blossom end rot, which the store assures me is entirely due to the wet and cold July that we had. I too will be re-jigging my technique for next year. Perhaps a greenhouse?

    @ Waterroots – agreed, tomatoes are what made me grow veggies in the first place.

    @ Heather – I know! Especially if they get a chance to ripen on the vine.

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