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Last throes of summer

It seems shockingly hard to believe, but fall is almost upon us. This summer has been brief, cool and restless, blowing snow across the prairies and beaming hot sun upon our heads all within a week. Poor plants hardly know what to do with themselves, and my co-worker has daylilies that haven’t opened up yet. It’s the end of August, and that speaks for itself.

 In my garden all the flowers are shedding their last blooms, throwing off seeds and fluff and enjoying their last few weeks of light. Here’s some Friday photos of my last fall flowers.

 Last blooms - pink

Last blooms - yellow


For me fall is always bittersweet. On one hand it’s a beautiful season with everything changing colors and dressing up in striking yellows, reds and oranges, and on the other hand it’s the sadness of shorter days, the first hints of frost in the air, and the dying of the greens as they prepare for their long hibernation.  I’d take summer over any other season any day, but if I lived in the land of summer, I’d have to put up with year round spiders! So I don’t.


Last blooms - spider

6 comments to Last throes of summer

  • I’m wondering where summer went …

  • Last summer flowers? Beautiful! They look like they are not ready for the fall yet, like me. I am not ready for it, too.

  • That spiderweb is amazing! That little guy has a long way to go – but you’ve captured the “shell” of his web – I love it. So raw.

  • The flowers are still so pretty outdoors. I hope the season lasts as long as possible. I feel the same way as you do about this time of year; it’s bittersweet. I love the autumn with its beautiful shades, but I hate that it’s one step closer to winter! I’m not a big fan of Canadian winters; they’re much too long and, many times, much too harsh. A shorter winter season would be nice.

    My favourite time of the year is spring, when everything comes back to life.

  • admin

    @ Teena – I know! Between the snow in June, rain all of July and two hot weeks in August, I feel like we’re missing out a bit!

    @ Tatyana – thanks! They are shedding their blooms as we speak, and neither of us are ready to say goodbye to summer.

  • admin

    @ Water Roots – Canadian winters suck! Every area has their own horror stories, but my main complain is how long it lasts. Almost eight months. And we’re by no means immune to snow in the summer, so it doesn’t feel like much of a reprieve.

    @ Jessica – it IS an excellent photo, but the credit must go to my friend who kindly took the shot – the one and only Mr. Sable.

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