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Composed lunch


I’ve been too lazy to haunt the farmers markets for the last two weekends, which is rather inexcusable since fall is coming oh so soon, but I have not been too lazy to eat. Since my lazyness perfectly dovetailed with another Serious Eats Weekend Cook And Tell: Too Hot edition, I gleefully participated.


Many people suggested all sorts of delicious sounding recipes that don’t require a stove, like salads and gazpacho, but when true laziness strikes one cannot be bothered with chopping, washing, plating and all that other mundane stuff called cooking. Instead I went with my ultimate fall-back technique – shopping. I’m a champion shopper, and did not disappoint myself, by traveling to the wonders of Blush and indulging myself.


Blush Lane is a wonderful addition to the Calgary food scene, taking care to source local and organic foods that are reasonably priced as well as delicious. I’ve shopped at their farmer’s market stand before and was overjoyed when their store opened. To date I’ve seen small baskets of Hotchkiss tomatoes that were pure heaven and a source of local pride, organic apples that tasted like honey, summer and freshness all in one bite, and rainbow carrots that were so delicious we ate half before we had a chance to cook them.


But serious efforts require serious sustenance, so this foray included:


The best, sweetest, most tomatoey tomatoes I’ve ever had:

 Too Hot - tomatoes


A wedge of perfectly ripe Brie:

Too Hot - brie 


Incredible dried beef Salami:

 Too Hot - dried beef salami


And people, I totally popped over to A Ladybug Café next door, for a loaf of rye bread:


Too Hot - rye bread 


And the single greatest lemon tart in the whole world:


Ladybug lemon tart.a 


When I got home, all I had to do was slice up a tomato, and artfully arrange a beautiful still life that makes for one of my favorite things to eat – a composed plate. Washed down with some red wine it was a wonderful repast – dried, spicy salami with an intense beefy flavor, perfectly smooth brie, incredible tomatoes and a dark, earthy rye.  Nothing could be easier or more satisfying.

Too Hot - a perfect lunch


6 comments to Composed lunch

  • Now this is my type of cooking (none 🙂 Being the primary (basically only) cook of this family, a meal that utilizes the words ‘easy’ and ‘satisfying’ in the same sentence is oh-so-awesome.

    Incidentally, it looks oh-so-delicious! Hmmmm…mmmmm

  • that would be something I would eat every day. My typical lunch consists of a salad (I pick the lettuce once a week, cut it and keep it in the fridge in a corninware) with fresh tomatoes, smoked salmon, local cheese, avocado (so not local, but oh so yummy) and my husband’s home made vinaigrette dressing. On occasion in lieu of salad the remaining components are thrown onto a plate with maybe a hard boiled egg if there is one sitting around.

  • admin

    @WR – I’m super lucky that James is not only willing to cook much of the time, but happens to be a formidable (if messy) cook in his own right. Left to my own devices, I snack and graze on stuff like above, happily.

    @elle – mmmmmmm…. smoked salmon and avocado are both decadent delicious treats. I adore composed salads too, and often eat them with a poached egg on top to mix with the greens and vinaigrette. Well, it’s 10 AM and now I’m hungry!

  • Okay, you win. I’m going to need to add a wheel of Brie for my next grocery store visit!

  • Aren’t farmers’ markets grand?!

  • admin

    @ LynnS – oh that Brie was excellent! I saw double-cream Camembert last night, and was THIS CLOSE to giving in…

    @ Teena – love ’em! At least we have one year round now. Before it was a sad and dark time.

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