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Bounty from BC

James recently went out for a quick mid-week drive to visit his parents in BC, and returned bearing gifts. Seemed fitting to me, since I had to stay here and work and feed the starving hordes cats and all. He returned bearing the single largest squash I’ve ever seen (larger than my cat), and some wonderful, fantastic, frozen salmon caught by my father-in-law.


Here’s a photo of the squash:

 BC - squash


I know that mature squash are supposed to be less tender than baby squashes, but James assures me that this is not the case. Apparently if hollowed, stuffed with chopped flesh, garlic and herbs and barbecued, it becomes an amazing treat. I’m adding some bread crumbs to test that theory. But the salmon sang to us with its rosy perfection, and was cooked that very night, served on a simple bed of rice.


With fish that good, you hardly have to do anything to it – a light sprinkle of salt, some slivered garlic, a julienned hot pepper, and some lemon juice was all we did, and really it was gilding the lily.

 BC - salmon

It was quite thick too

It was quite thick too



Baked for about twenty minutes it was  fragrant, warm silky perfection. We didn’t take a photo of the finished shot as we were busy drooling and dishing the rice.


It was awesome.


6 comments to Bounty from BC

  • I’m not into fish or squash … glad you enjoyed it, though.

  • I LOVE fresh salmon! If you ever get a chance to get some salmon hot smoked by natives… ahhhh, HEAVEN!

  • admin

    @ Teena – really? Dang, I love both of them. But to each their own, that’s what makes the world go round!

    @Brown-eyed girl – I would LOOOOOVE to try that, as well as some amazing looking recipes on your site. Food rules!

  • We love salmon and like you prefer it mostly ‘on its own’. We like a bit of lemon freshly squeezed on.

    I’m so awful about taking photos of a food that’s ready and being served. Who wants to set up a photo-shoot when you can dive-in to something scrumptious?!

    I learned how to fly fish during a fall salmon run in upstate New York. I actually caught a 19 pounder (released it though). Some day I want to head to AK and catch my own to eat.

  • Salmon is my favourite fish! Love it! And you are right – it does not need many ingredients. One ingredient that I add, which works wonderfully with salmon is dill. Not too much; just a sprinkling. De-li-cious!

  • admin

    @ LynnS – I hear ya on both counts – simple salmon and being waaaay too impatient to photograph food… guess that, and an inability to follow recipes is why I don’t have a food blog 🙂

    @ WR – salmon with dill! Of course! And I had some in the fridge too, and I totally forgot about it. Slapping forehead, duh. Oh well, we have another chunk in the fridge.

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