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Recurring dreams



I am a prolific dreamer. I’ve been blessed with the ability to dream frequently, often and in color. There are often times I wake up in the middle of the night and decide to fall right back into my dream. Provided it’s a good one, of course. I also have a number of recurring dreams, some of which I thought I’d share with you today, because it’s Friday.


For the record, I do not subscribe to dream interpretation. If I have a particularly insane dream I love to google the meaning, for kicks and entertainment, but just like reading your horoscope, I won’t ascribe any more significance than that to it. I believe dreams are a way for your brain to shake off the day, process some stress and relieve some boredom, for the most part. I also have a number of family anecdotes of prophetic dreams, so I don’t believe my theories 100% either. Is that confusing? What I’m trying to say is, I don’t know. But dreaming sure is fun:


  • The staircase to nowhere dream: in this one I am coming home to my apartment on some floor or another, and the staircase abruptly ends at the missing landing. There is always a huge gap that I have to skirt on a narrow ledge to get to the next staircase. As I traverse this narrow ledge, in my head I’m asking myself ‘Why on god’s green earth do I live here? This is absurd!’ Even though I’m pretty scared of heights in real life, in this dream I’m not scared. Just baffled at my lodging choice.


  • The hot air balloon dream: this one does play into my fear of heights, in it I am sitting on a tiny swing attached to a monstrous hot air balloon, soaring way way way above the ground. The earth looks like it does off an airplane on takeoff – miniature and green. I’m terrified of being up so high with no support system, and am again questioning my sanity in getting up there in the first place. It’s exhilarating but very discomforting.


  • The flying chicken dream: Some people are comfortable soaring above the ground like Superman, enjoying their wingless prowess as they swoop and glide over their dreamscape. Not me. I can’t fly very well in my dreams. How sad is that? Instead of flying like an eagle, I fly like a chicken. Even see a chicken try to fly? Well, that’s pretty much what I do – push off solid objects like the ground and walls, and hover maximum ten feet above the ground before gently descending and needing another push.


  • The crappy car dream: This is my own twisted version of the ‘being chased and can’t run dream’, only my lazy ass has a car in it. Running is for chumps. In this one, I’m in a little car that is the Little Engine That Couldn’t, and whomever is chasing me ON FOOT is having no problems keeping up.  I always want to pull a Fred Flintstone and use my feet to give it help, but I guess I get lazy and putt putt putt along barely ahead of my pursuers.


  • The galactic water dream: I often have bodies of water in my dream, and they are stupendous. These dreams hardly ever have a point or a story, they are just me interacting with large bodies of water on a huge scale. At times I am on a boat in the ocean on a stormy night. The boat rides the primordial waves that are larger and more turbulent than anything I’ve seen in real life, which is not saying much since I’ve never done a long oceanic voyage. At times I’m in a vessel that could be a spaceship that is watching a galaxy sized whirlpool. The sheer size and power of these dreams is immense, but not scary. In the dream I have a healthy respect for the power of the waves but it’s not a fear at all. More like an acknowledgment that I’m a small voyager in a huge ocean of life but a part of it too.


Please feel free to share your favorite dreams, recurring or otherwise.  My all time favorite one time only dream was that I was kidnapped by leprechauns from Africa, and they drove a Jeep, and wanted an obscene amount of money for my release that was not forthcoming, but by then we were friends anyhow, so it didn’t matter. Analyze that.



10 comments to Recurring dreams

  • I used to have a recurring dream that a shrieking black cat would jump at me, flying in my face with all 4 legs reaching for my eyes and face fully intending to tear out anything it could get hold of.

  • admin

    Whoa! That’s pretty vicious. I have three cats and they apologize on behalf of the feline world. 🙂 I think that’s a pretty common one too, although I have no idea what it means.

  • Har har har…I loved this post! It’s very original and very funny. I have a recurring dreams too. They always involve the in-laws… 🙂 Does that count?

  • admin

    Oh wow WR – of course they count! That’s funny – I hardly ever dream about people I know! Well, I hope they’re good dreams, not the stressful ones. 🙂

  • So neat to find someone who also has wild, imaginative dreams. I dream in color, too, dream often, and can not only go back into the dream, but after waking in the morning, a vivid dream will stay with me for hours.

  • admin

    @ LynnS – that’s awesome! I think the next step for people like us, is to try lucid dreaming. Although I wonder if that would take the fun out of it?

  • Actually, most people’s dreams about flying seem to be more “hovering” dreams than actual flying dreams.

    They are believed to be related to the fact that when you are asleep, your sensory connections to the external world are dampened, including your sense of gravity. Your brain interprests this as floating above the ground.

    This is also thought to be an explanation for Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) when you appear to be floating above your physical body.

  • admin

    @ Marcia Dream – that’s a very neat hypothesis. Some people’s sensory connections must be really dampened then, to trigger the soaring dreams.

    I’ve never had an OBE (unfortunately, as it sounds super cool), but here’s hoping!

  • OH GODDS My side is aching… can’t …type…laughing…. leprauchans…

    When I’m travelling I dream of my friends a lot – and I awaken knowing it was a visit, some time in my head with the people I love and miss… I dream of certain people a LOT sometimes too… Great post!

  • admin

    @ Alison – that’s awesome! I hardly EVER dream of anyone I know. Although recently I dreamt of my friend from high school, and in my dream I was telling him that I had a dream about him last night! How crazy’s that?

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