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Feline Frustration

Recently we had a tiny visitor, a small birdie that landed on the railing of the porch and chirped merrily away. He trilled and gurgled and in general made a great deal of noise for such a tiny guy.

Birdie - header

He soon had a very appreciative audience.

Birdie - audience

They held an executive conference.

Birdie - conference

And Cheney was nominated for the honors of capture. Much bellowing and yelling ensued, while Alfie cheered him on from the sidelines, making that amazing hunting noise cats make.   Unfortunately for him, the pet proof screen we put in last year foiled the master plan. Them pet proof screens are amazing. They’ve destroyed several regular ones over the years mainly by hanging off them like Christmas ornaments off a tree.

Birdie - leaping at the screen

Tweaks just watched impassively. She’s been down that road already.

Tweaks watching

And the birdie – didn’t even react. Just went about his chipper business. Cool customer that birdie.

Birdie - close up

P.S. The screens are available here. The service is awesome – they just come to your house with a truck and the screen fabric and install it on the spot. Well worth not having to replace screens every month.

11 comments to Feline Frustration

  • Har har har…what a cute story! I really miss having a cat. They can be so entertaining. And that little birdie is adorable. Looks like it might be a house finch…maybe.

  • Ewa

    What a little teaser, that birdie! He probably loved all the attention from the trapped cats.

  • elephant's eye

    I love the executive conference

  • admin

    @ Water Roots – cats rock indeed. Thanks for venturing a guess at the bird, I was totally stumped – as usual.

    @ Ewa – I think he did. Somehow he figured he was safe and just chirped away. Thanks for visiting!

    @ Elephant’s eye – lol – it was perfect, like they were working on a game plan or something.

  • My boys freak when they hear/see birds outside.

  • admin

    Yep – it’s hilarious to watch. My cats freak at insects, dogs, birds, you name it. This is the first time someone got this close though!

  • Jean

    Man, I wish my cats would be that contented. Did I tell you how when I was gone, housesitter decided she wasn’t letting Lily out? Well, that wasn’t going to go over very well. Lily broke the screen off of the kitchen window and escaped. Twice. 🙂 Silly Lily. Beautiful little bird too by the way. Must move. Must find new home with trees where my neighbors have an appreciation for and don’t complain about the wildlife.

  • Cats always crack me up when they watch birds — those tails flicker, they hunker down, and then the cats do this chatter-thing. Wonder what they’re saying…

  • admin

    @ Jean – yep, they’ve popped out a screen or two, but that’s a different technique than breaking the screen fabric. And usually by accident not frustration. Hey if you feel like being mean, tell your neighbor you’re getting chickens. And you’ll study swine flu mutation in urban bird populations 🙂

    @ LynnS – that’s EXACTLY the noise Alfie was making. I think that’s a sound for when they’re beyond speech and coherent thought, all their killer instincs are coming out and they just go ‘memememekillkillkill’ 🙂

  • HA! What a great post! Executive conference, indeed! Anyone without knowing cats may think you’re joking, or being witty. Well, sort of are, but due to the truth in it.

    What on earth is that gorgeous bird?!!? House finch would make sense. I took one look and thought “Hmmm, couldn’t be but it sure does remind me of a bright red Fire Finch”….

    Remember our cat Jackie? She used to eat through cat proof screens in ONE night. Freakin cool crazy cat she was!

  • admin

    @ Ali – I dunno – my lack of knowledge of birds is only exceeded by my lack of knowledge of plants. Very cute though.

    I do remember your kitty, although before I HAD cats I would not have appreciated that feat as well as I can now.

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