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Wild tomatoes

It’s hard to believe that a small tray of seedlings grew into this three foot tall forest.


Brand new 'maters

Brand new 'maters


All the tomatoes love the maxi-kaps so much, that they just sprawled into lush bushy plants with thick stems and huge leaves.

 Tomato July - huge row


They’ve survived our brutally frigid summer start and evening lows of 8 (which we still have).

 June - hail



All the leaves on the different varieties are different. From the broad velvety leaves of the Brandywines:


Brandywine... I think

Brandywine... I think


To the lacy fern-like fronds of Ildi:


Totally different leaves

Totally different leaves


There are no tomatoes yet, but my knowledgeable friends are telling me it’s only a matter of days now.


I assume those'll be cherry tomatoes

I assume those'll be cherry tomatoes


I’ll do a tomato dance in my spare time.


In other news – I harvested my first zucchini yesterday, and I’ll be having some photos tomorrow.


4 comments to Wild tomatoes

  • Hello there. I just discovered your blog today and I am quite enjoying it – especially the post below about the chickens. My Dad and I call people like that the “Do-gooders” because they think they have to walk around doing “good” that nobody asked them to do. Anyway – thanks for the great posts and I look forward to reading more!

  • admin

    @Jocelyn – thanks so much! I completely agree with you and your Dad, I don’t know if people are bored or what, but they sure seem to like to tell others how to live. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’m jealous of your tomato plants!

  • admin

    @ Teena – don’t be! They are very healthy looking, but due to our cold spring they still haven’t set fruit. At all. I’ll be lucky if I see any actual tomatoes by winter. 🙂

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