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And the winner is…

I’ve got some fun responses to the post, and it’s neat to see just what people would consider essential island reading.


So without further ado, the winner as per my baffled co-worker pulling a number out of a hat is…. TA-TA-DUM…


Water Roots!!!


Congratulations, your prize will be e-mailed shortly, and a huge thanks to all the readers out there!

3 comments to And the winner is…

  • Congrats to Water Roots!

    And thank you for running such a great contest! It was a fun mental exercise — I spent a pleasant hour or so thinking about all the great books I have read throughout my life. Came up with a list of ones I need to reread too — so time very well spent!

  • OHMYGOODNESS! I never win anything. Ever! My life must be taking a turning point…LOL…hopefully for the better. Maybe I should play a lottery this week while my lucky streak is alive and well. It would be nice to win a few bucks to get rid of the mortgage that hubby and I will probably be paying until we die…:)

    Thanks so much for this wonderful surprise! Oh my…now what do I do with this gift certificate? Hmmm… BOOKS, of course!

    Have a great day. And keep on reading. One can never read too much!

  • admin

    @ MG – thanks so much for participating! I really loved the replies – it also made me re-visit some old ‘friends’ and discover new ones. I too re-read books, since a) I always get something new out of the experience, and b)did I mention how much I read? If I didn’t visit old faves once in a while, I’d be book-less, which is unthinkable. 🙂

    @ WR – congrats! Like you, I too hardly ever wind anything. Really. There was one or two times in my life that I won something, and they were small prizes. I’m hoping my lack of luck translates into one giant lottery win…. I’m an optimist like that.

    That was so much fun, that I’ll have to run another contest in a few weeks. Thanks all!

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