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Flowers, flowers, I gots flowers

It looks like despite the torrential rains, winds, snows and really cool nights, all my surviving plants (bye cukes, I still miss you) are ready to thrive.

The zucchini is growing gangbusters – he’s happy, fat and thriving. And all I can think about are deep fried flowers. Every time I walk by him I get a cannibalistic urge to pluck, batter and fry. But I shall resist, since I want to grow something, anything.

Mmmmm deep fried

Mmmmm deep fried

The peas are getting tall, and are really in need of some proper support, like say a trellis. Since for some reason I’m eager to explore their unsupported growth limits I haven’t built one yet.  But I keep promising myself that this weekend is it….

Pretty pretty peas

Pretty pretty peas

The little pepper is flowering also, I have no idea if he’s sweet or hot, as I lost the label somehow, so he’ll just have to surprise me.

Pepper flower

And after all the trials of tomatoes, the planting, the support, the covering them up at night… we have our very first, our one and only (so far) delicate pale yellow tomato flower. I’m a proud mama.

He so purty

He so purty

And as I was writing this, I had two things to reflect on. One is that I’ve never seen ANY of these plants flower, EVER, so each one is a cool surprise. I don’t know the color of any flower, so each time a bud opens – it’s a cool little bit of magic in my yard. And secondly, apparently all plants are boys in my head. Why is that you think? And is that normal? And who assigns gender to their squash anyhow?

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