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Road Trip

Roadtrip - Boswell Rd.


I love road trips. I love traveling in general, but road trips have a special place in my heart. Something about waving goodbye, hitting the open road and watching the scenery unfold is pure magic. A part of it is certainly the lack of formality – no timing airport arrivals, no security checks, no agenda and fighting with rental cars or cabbies. Just a car and a seemingly endless stretch of pavement that places you right in the middle of the story, not simply an observer hopping from A to B.

I love stopping in tiny towns with a main street and a few hotels. I love exploring odd little beaches, and asking locals for their favorite restaurant. I love scenery that leaves you speechless, and I will always, always take a detour to see something interesting.

Like many people we don’t travel as much as we’d like to, but we’ve had some epic road trips over the years. A drive down the pacific coastal highway was so impressive that we did it twice, and intend to drive it again. A simple visit to BC coincided with the lightning storm that grew into the massive fire that devastated Kelowna the next day. There was nothing like the experience of driving the tiny dirt road (with no guard rails) for 6500 feet up to the Seven Devils in Idaho (and surreally seeing a momma cow with a calf near the top). And driving the road that happens to be one of Canada’s coolest highways is an adventure in speed and scenery each and every time.


Oregon coast - pacific highway

Oregon coast - pacific highway


The beauty of road trips is that you hardly need to go far. Plenty of times we drive twenty minutes out of town to have a coffee in the neighboring town of Bragg Creek, or an hour for a lunch in Banff. Each trip leaves us invigorated by the new scenery and energized by getting away from our busy but mundane lives.

So in the spirit of road trips, we are embarking on another small one – to the neighboring province, to go spend a few days on a ski hill near Vernon. In the summer Silverstar converts to a mountain biking destination, with the village uniquely, halfway up the mountain, and it’s a very cool place to visit. We visited for the first time last summer and loved it. Not only did they have awesome hiking trails:


Silverstar - the village

Silverstar - the village


Hiking trail

Hiking trail


the view from the trail

the view from the trail


But also one of the best little bakeries in the world. Which I don’t have a photo of, as I was too busy drooling to operate a camera. Seriously. Every single thing I had from that bakery rocked. Not just the homemade croissants and pastries, but also amazing soups and wicked sandwiches. I lived at that bakery from nine to noon. I woke up early to get to that bakery before they were sold out of my faves, and people, that’s no small feat.

So this time around I’ll wear a drool bib if I have to, but I’ll take some photos of the amazing sumptuousness, and you can drool along with me. Please feel free to share your amazing road trip stories, if you’re into that sort of thing, as inspiration for new destinations is always welcome around here.


8 comments to Road Trip

  • You travel like I do — it’s NOT about getting to the end point as quick as possible. I am forever taking detours or pit stops. A wrong turn becomes a new path! Thanks for sharing your road with me!

  • admin

    Thanks IG – yep, it’s the journey not just the destination. I hate overly planned trips where you’re so busy doing an agenda that you miss the small details that make up the soul of the place.

  • Jean

    I love road trips too. And detours. And small towns with old shops. Yeah for road trips! Now, I must say though, that if you do not take a road trip with me to Saskatchewan one of these days, I will hold it against you forever. You’re always going west. East is amazing too. We shall chat!

  • admin

    East? But I’m seduced by the siren song of the west coast, what can I say? But in the spirit of scientific inquiry, I shall forge bravely east and see what the heck y’all going on about.

  • I so much share this passion of yours! Road trips are the best! When I was very young, I imagined that I’d spend a considerable amount of time traveling the open road across the United States and Canada, visiting small towns, living more or less like a drifter that belongs everywhere yet nowhere. But then I got older and the reality of life kicked in…:) Now the open road consists of short vacations or day trips. I guess it’s better than nothing!

  • Ohhh yes, you know I love road trips! Great pics, especially love the Oregon one….

    Share a quick one with you…. I’ve learned time and again to follow my wee whims, those little inklings that forever grace me with the most amazing places and views…. tho sometimes SCARY! IE: on my drive across Canada I was going north, on the ring road away up north Manitoba. My X-Can plan was to take as many non-main highways as possible, so en-route to The Pas (Said: The Paw), Manitoba, I went the “backway” in, on what looked like a small highway.

    It turned out to be under construction and was mud and dirt in an absolute downpour. In 3 hours I saw ONE car, and an infinity of trees, in my OOOOLD car. I was fretting about a break down, it was getting dark, the rain pounded the dirt to slippery mud, trees a blur of green behind zippy windshield wipers… a mild issue of exhaust meant a crack had to be left in the window – chose the passenger side, bringing with it the fresh scent of Nowhere.

    I (obviously) made it, but funny how the scary route also gave me such pleasure. WAY up North, it turned out to be the road through a reserve, no cars, empty roads all my own, and funny enough, a comedy show started helping calm me, on CBC!

    Which little whim brought me to the third clearest lake in the world. Blue like the Mediterranean.

  • Jean

    That’s my Girl! ;p

  • admin

    @ Water Roots – hear hear. Road trips rule. Even with the daily reality though, we try to carve out a good road trip every year. Just take the car and some clothes and head somewhere. This fall we’d like to drive up to Alaska. I have not given up on being a nomad sometime yet.

    @ BA – Whoa – yep, nowhere does it say that all traveling is peaches and roses. Usually the scary experiences are also intense and with the passage of time, fondly remembered. I love the good and the bad – some trips are meant to be epically bad. 🙂

    @ Jean – I am yours any weekend. 🙂

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