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Typical day in the neighborhood



I just want to show some photos of Saturday around my house. A Saturday in JUNE, when I had the pleasure of documenting snow, rain, hail and sunshine over a period of about sixteen hours or so.


Very early Saturday morning, we started out with a light sprinkle of wet, cold snow.




The morning brought some gray, windy rain.




Which segued into a lovely hail.








Eventually some sunshine broke through and melted some of the hail, except the stuff in shade – along the fence.




Aaaand we ended with some more Rain? Sleet? I wasn’t going out there to check.




And that’s just one day, in one neighborhood. The thing with Calgary is, each area has its own microclimate, and it’s not at all unusual for the north end to get a hailstorm while the west gets some snow, and the south has a beautiful sunny day. Or the other way around. But above photos are proof that me starting a garden THIS YEAR is clearly very funny for someone upstairs.



6 comments to Typical day in the neighborhood

  • You could always try growing…

    wait for it…

    wait for it…

    frozen vegetables!!!!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I still think you will be successful because you are going into it with the right attitude. Selecting the proper varieties is more important in your case than gardeners in more balmy climes.

    Still looking forward to your reaction from eating your first homegrown meal!

  • admin

    Ha! Frozen peas coming up!

    I hope I chose good varieties – I went with a seed grower that is reasonably local, but the fact is, tomatoes and cukes can’t handle frost/hail/snow no matter what variety they are, sadly for me.

    So… they are languishing at home until the weather smartens up. I’m not asking for much here – just above freezing would do! 🙂

  • Hahahaha …. oh, guess what. It’s also funny for some of us down here.

    not laughing at YOU, per se, but really at the whole comedy of the whole big thing. Calgary, gardening in Calgary, YOU gardening your first time in * CALGARY *…. you *COULD* have tried gardening in BC, but no… but hey, at least when it snows the spiders generally stay off the rocks! 😉

  • admin

    I aim to please 🙂 Very glad to hear at least the entertainment value is not going to waste.

  • Pictures are gorgeous.Blog is also very interesting.Good luck.

  • admin

    Thanks so much!

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